What makes your heart shine?

My heart is happy when I see light in the eyes of my students after a yoga class. It feels like there is a lightness of energy everywhere and in this moment I smile widely and want to hug everyone in the whole universe and whisper to the heavens, “Thank you, thank you, thank you”. It’s my applause for the work I am co-creating. It’s the source of all life, where inspiration and sparkling passion is born. It makes me want to jump out of bed early in the mornings. I feel so much enthusiasm for practicing, learning and evolving. I feel and know the whole universe supports, guides and helps all of us through connections with each other and situations in life and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. Once I was told by a friend that I am very lucky. After a pause, I acknowledge this and say “No, I create it and I accept it all with gratitude”. Today and every day I open my arms wider and wider and loudly say “thank you, thank you, thank you”. I am living the life of my dreams and I know other dreams are coming true, in fact they already exist in some form of reality – I feel it and know it. What makes your heart shine? What does your soul desire?
Love to all 😘😘😘😘

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