Hungry for life!

I always remember myself being very hungry for life. I never wanted to waste a minute of this precious gift. I was always the last one to fall asleep and the first to wake up. The energy of happiness and excitement for the coming day always pulled me out of bed with eyes full of wonder. I wanted to dance, paint, play checkers, read, knit, hike, sing, play and all within 24 hours, plus I had to somehow fit in school homework. These days it’s all much of the same interests, plus yoga classes. To integrate all these beauties in my life I need to create self-discipline for my body and mind to live the life I want to live: full of brightness, colour and excitement. I know what makes me feel joyful and energised with excitement. I am aware of my own creation. I am in charge of my thoughts, actions and feelings. 
I know that movement and breathwork give me energy more than food. Sunshine, sea, stars, travel – all bring me energy and joy. Being in love and feeling gratitude with the entirety of life, the Universe and God makes me very high. So every single day I remind myself that the power is in my hands to create the best day of my life. I choose to practice yoga, smile to the sun and the stars, I meet the sea, travel as much as I can and feel love and gratitude in every situation and every moment of my life. What if everything that happens comes from the place of love? Love is all around us and within us. The time is now to shift our consciousness! Love you, My Angels.

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