A gift for the body today!

A gift for the body today!

Clarity, focus, strength, flexibility, reduction of worries, increased endorphins, heightened sexual energy, open heart, optimum immunity and physical condition, longevity plus many other far reaching benefits we can get by practicing yoga. Yoga has proven itself to me recently as a powerful way to deal with our new ‘modern’ disease. An antibodies test showed that I had caught Covid a couple of months ago. I remembered having quite mild and short lived symptoms, mainly a rather sleepy inner peace! I am not a lucky one, as a doctor might say; no, my good luck is based on repetitive actions practiced over the past 10 years. My morning ritual always starts with sitting under the stars, prayer and pranayama for 50 minutes to feel and connect to my Heart and the Source. Breath work/pranayama is essential just like taking a shower, brushing the teeth etc. Pranayama not only balances a Ferrari mind but also improves lung function. It can speed up recovery from serious lung conditions like pneumonia, tuberculosis and so on. For sure future studies will show that it helps us deal with the ‘modern’ disease we face these days as well. When I finish my zen breath routine it’s then time to face the cats who are peacefully and patiently waiting for their breakfast. While they eat, I drink celery juice and tea and if I am not strict I will have a couple of tangerines! Actually don’t do that – it’s completely wrong as yoga should be done on a genuinely empty stomach. After this I start my 2 to 3 hour bending and strengthening routine. At least a couple of hours daily is already a gift for my body, mind and Soul. So in the end it’s not good luck, but rather a wise investment in one’s whole being which keeps us in peak condition, ready to face anything we might need to deal with. In what are you investing today?
As always love and hugs to you, Angela

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