Whats the magic behind the splits?

I visited India many times because of my passion for yoga and I believe every single statement my teacher told me without doubt or question. One of these pearls of wisdom is that struggle exists only in the mind.I became fascinated with what goes on in the mind when we practice the splits or other challenging movements. Basically the brain controls muscles. If the cerebellum doesn’t give the right signals we will never see the splits. Ok, so how can muscles be more in tune with the brain? Sorry to say this, but a magic pill doesn’t exist! What works is consistent practice and after maybe 10,000 repetitions anyone will for sure get a good result. Doing the splits at a party or once a month means that the splits are done by the prefrontal cortex which then signals the premotor cortex which in turn then instructs the motor cortex which muscles have to engage. All of this complex brain work engages with the cerebellum for a moment, but the information does not necessarily stay there. It’s an exhausting procedure for the mind! On top of that, the spinal cord is sensing the boss is going crazy with information like: “this is way too painful and probably impossible for me, ever..” and that information also registers in the brain to be repeated next time this position is attempted.
The magic trick requires practice, focus and surrender; practice physically and practice mentally until all necessary components of successful splits are permanently stored in the cerebellum.
I recommend remembering the words of my teacher “Struggle is in the mind” whenever difficulties come up while practicing. The mind is challenged when there are new patterns to download. It needs to create new neurological patterns and this requires extra energy.
The mind needs to be mastered.
We need to vibrate at the higher frequencies of love, gratitude and happiness which increase dopamines and serotonin which reduce excessive sensations of pain. The mind needs to be retrained to distinguish between harmful pain and the helpful pain which is involved in the unwinding of unconscious tension. This helpful discomfort should not exceed about 6 out of 10 in intensity as this then risks turning into potential damaging pain; it’s a fine line which we all need to respect. Connect to self. Breathe. Smile. Trust. We are safe to do graceful splits when we are fully in tune and aware! As always love you, million hugs and kisses to you😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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