We are allowed!

We are allowed!Let’s close our eyes and imagine there is no fear, no limitations of mind, no money worries, no old programs to resolve. Now the question of the day – would we still live the way we do? If the answer is yes, then great, we are living our life, but if the answer is no, then what are we waiting for? We all die at some point, the time to live is Now. From the place of freedom, what would we say Yes to and what would we say No to. We are actually free to choose. We always need to listen to the whispers of the Soul, which has gravitas and purpose way beyond the sometimes fearful, frantic voices in our head. So why do we deny our being? Why do we too often allow the limitations of fear to dominate over our Divine nature? Let’s take a deep inhale, a deep exhale and say “I allow myself to live and breath fully. I allow myself to receive all the gifts from Heaven and earth through all the people and all the circumstances in my life and I am grateful in advance. I feel the presence of Angelic forces and the highest good supporting me to live the way my heart desires”. We can dance, sing, paint, pray, fly because we are allowed to. We can allow ourselves to be happy, to love and be loved, to feel joy and gratitude. We can allow ourselves to live and be. I have put together a transformational retreat in Portugal which will include hypnotic meditations, pranayama and dynamic yoga classes. We will also visit wonderful Unesco World Heritage Sites in Lisbon, Obidos, Sintra and Batalha which all have magic in the air. The adventure begins on January 1st 2022. Are you ready? Reserve your spot with 30% deposit.😘😘😘😘😘😘

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