Cognitive flexibility

Most of us often live like robots. For example, if someone is rude we might scream back or use another automatic defence program. Our loved ones might make us feel upset and then we can’t stop eating comfort food or enjoying that extra glass of wine. A good way to break the robotic programs is to retrain the brain. If someone shouts – smile back! Whenever I try that it seems to work! Through yoga we reprogram the brain to access all possible solutions to any issue and our biochemistry accordingly. For example dopamine and other happy hormones are increased through creativity, exercise, and pleasure. More happy hormones bring a brighter life. So whatever is going on our individual life experience, let’s loosen up the frozen tendencies and just keep dancing, practicing yoga, making banana smoothies with Barley life (link below!) and make love not war.The body with high dopamine is more flexible and relaxed. Watch the totally chilled out zen cats who move with such grace! Flexibility and grace begins in the mind – in our consciousness! Virtual kisses to all, love, Angela

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