Energy-how do we find it?

Energy – how do we find it? Does a fish wonder how to find water while swimming in an ocean? The thing is we are energy. The Universe provides an abundant amount of energy but if we don’t use it wisely we waste it and lose it. Living someone else’s expectations in life usually brings on an empty feeling which can be mistaken for physical hunger, so then eating comfort/rubbish food and watching endless TV distracts and numbs us from any sense of emptiness and emotional pain. We might also talk too much so that we can’t hear our inner voice. We might be constantly thinking about the past and chewing on it repeatedly. We have to shake off these repeating mental/emotional tapes from the past as soon as possible when they come up! We must remember who we really are, remove the various masks and truly shine. We need to stop talking and start doing. Open our arms and hug the stars! Go to a yoga class! Our whole biochemistry changes quickly and simultaneously as we shift the self limiting stagnant energy and our happy hormones are let loose again! Yoga helps open the shoulders so the heart will fly to joy and happiness! Connecting with nature nourishes us with vital orgone frequency and spending some time on our own also helps us recharge our whole psyche. Kiss, hug, love – obviously within the safety parameters of the official Covid 19 restrictions! If human touch is not available then let’s not forget our pets! Tune in to whatever loving creature is around, a furry ginger cat, or a grey whiskery one. Cats are pure love, with a bit of attitude mixed in there of course! Living like this every day increases the daily smile count and we enjoy abundant energy! Love, Angela

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