Talking body

The body tells the ongoing story of our life. We must pay attention and listen. For example, in a stressful or dangerous situation, flexor muscles tend to be activated in order to prepare for survival. Ideally this reaction should disappear when the danger is gone, but often the mind keeps us tuned into anticipating the worst and so we stay on alert mode. Habitual negative thought patterns go round and round, becoming like toxic chewing gum, blocking the natural release of tension. An organism which is unable to switch off ‘fight or flight’ completely, is one which runs the risk of impaired health and potential disease. Habitual focus on survival instincts usually involves anxious ear kissing shoulders and stiff neck, compromised diaphragm function with a ribcage unable to provide the full articulation which nature intended. The pelvis and legs may be frozen stiff in anticipation of running, absolutely packed full of both current and redundant residues of survival mode biochemistry. The fearful pattern saps energy, while the fearless open body and mind has an abundance of available energy. If the body mind tends to habitually live in this fight or flight movie, we need to patiently observe the patterns and allow new possibilities to enter our life. A few ways to facilitate this process can be through: 1) Practicing daily yoga, even if it’s only a 15 minute stretch – my cats are so good at that with their daily regime of sleeping, stretching, eating and repeating like Zen masters! 2) Book Rolfing with Christopher Nixon, even if you are the wizard of your body you will find a whole new depth to yourself during the sessions. For students with a yoga pass I will get you a 10% discount valid till the end of July 3) practice pranayama and slowing down. If your head starts believing that you are free, the body will mirror that, and vice versa! Start smiling with your heart and say yes to Life. The whole world is for you, believe in it and say yes: go to yoga , book Rolfing and practice pranayama. Love to everyone, Angela😘😘😘😘

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