You are a believer! Believe in yourself!


It doesn’t matter where we are; it really doesn’t! What matters is our intention regarding who we want to be. What makes us open our wings and kiss the sky? It’s even ok if we dont know that yet; yes seriously its ok! It matters what kind of seeds we are planting for the future and what we are praying for? Are we focusing on love, peace, compassion, abundance and the Divine or are we allowing ourselves to be drawn into our habitual negative thoughts? The Divine is always hearing us, so let us be aware what kind of energetic vibration we are transmitting. Sometimes we can find ourselves lost, confused and feeling that life has turned upside-down. This too is ok as it’s part of the Divine dance. Resistance will create pain, so instead it’s a good plan to remember the wise lyrics of the Beatle’s song ‘let it be’. Actually for me it’s a perfect moment to sit and meditate, giving all perceived troubles to the Divine while focusing on breath and deep peace within. The more I do this the more a big gratitude develops in my heart towards all my troubles and challenges and I use them as a foundation for praying , meditating and practicing even more. Through them I find my inner peace and gratitude for all blessings which surround me. My focus is always to be in peace and love. Always Love, Angela


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