Glorious mornings!

There is nothing more magnificent than the feeling of inner peace with a heart full of love. That’s the feeling which yoga practice can awaken. For me, completely different feelings are triggered when the alarm goes off at 4.30 am! But  the anticipation of connecting to inner peace makes me jump out of bed with similar enthusiasm my cats show when they hear food noises in the kitchen! It’s the graceful dance integrating breath and movement which captures me and illuminates my real self again, rather than any distorted reality created by tedious mental programs. As I merge into emptiness and fullness, I sense total freedom just to be. Without desires, attachments or fears, there is a sense of being one drop amongst trillions of drops in a vast ocean of oneness.There is a sense of connection with the moon and stars, with the peace of the mountains and the silent graceful trees. My heart expands beyond the usual safe zone boundaries with tears of gratitude. We are all just Love and Peace. I Embrace you all with my Love!


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