One Heart one Love is my path to enlightenment!

Some powerful feelings and sensations have been rising within me here in India which have reminded me of a fundamental core truth, that I am really not interested if the teacher is able to do a handstand on one finger, can levitate or raise kundalini at cosmic speed and scan my chakras, past lives and so on. Much more important to me is that he/she can convey the spirit of yoga with compassion and love. All extraordinary achievements just don’t do for me if there is no love. I need to feel one heart one love. My first teacher training was chosen using this criteria and the teacher’s ability to create masterful asanas was secondary. Now I am back in Mysore and it’s total gratitude and bliss practicing under the guidance of my teacher. It’s intense but why bother with that little issue when tears of happiness, love and joy are cleaning my Soul. My daily practice is not to keep my legs behind my head, even though it feels great fun! My dedication and intention to practice is to remove any ignorance which clouds my mind and heart in order to let my Soul shine more brighly! I am grateful to my family, teachers and students for their love and support. I bow to the Divine forces of existence for this extraordinary life! Only unconditional love matters! Om, Angela36F3B4EC-29B1-463D-93AA-E6AB02EFBA11


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