Mental accidents

Being human, you probably have mental accidents as I do. I could blame the stars, female hormones or the President of Russia, but the truth is it’s all in my mind. Once in a while many uninvited fear based guests visit me: jealousy, anger, frustration etc. They all bring that stinky scent of destructive energy and they all behave like they own me. I learn not to ignore them, but at the same time I do not give them my energy either. I do what I am good at: I stare at them. Sometimes it feels like I am in medieval times being burnt alive and sometimes it’s less intense but it’s still crazily uncomfortable with silent screams and swear words, but love and patience always overcome the illusions of the mind. All I need to do is listen to the internal compassionate whispers coaxing me to stay with myself and my breath in order to allow the intensity and depth of this energy to transform into the positive through meditative experiences and through yoga practice. I find these guys rising up when I am not nice to myself. If I just love and accept myself truly and fully like I did when I was a baby then these guests will vanish in the light of Love. I am a believer in Love and Peace! As one of the many gems of wisdom from A COURSE IN MIRACLES tells us, “WHAT IS NOT LOVE IS ALWAYS FEAR, NOTHING ELSE.”DB8E0B00-C2C4-4EEF-A1FF-833F5649039C

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