Magic formula number one: Just do it!


There is a perfect image in my head how January the 1st should start: at the magic Brahma muhurta time of 5am when the whole world sleeps or maybe even just going to sleep, I will be jumping out of bed and immersing my whole being into an intense and juicy yoga practice while visualising this New Year to be the best ever. Well it turned out that in reality I overslept for 2 hours! Luckily I only drank orange juice for the New Year celebrations so my liver was in reasonable shape, but the late night was still showing up in my joints and general energy. By 7am the third tune from my reliable alarm combined with relentless purring from kissing cats, finally woke me up in a mind fog of bewilderment as to how on earth I could have jumped out of bed so easily at 5 o’clock on New Year’s day for the past 7 years? Nothing was functioning except my will power, so I dragged my lazy heavy bones out of bed and embraced the magic words, ‘Just do it’ ! Go to the yoga mat and just do it! Don’t give a damn how. If you can breathe, you can practice! The magic formula started to work after 15-20 minutes as the whole body began to sparkle and then by the end of my practice I was one fully charged happy bunny, ready for the first day of 2019! Together let’s create the best year ever! How was your New Year’s day?

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