There is nothing in our Heart but Love from God

FC6824B9-0EBD-478A-99A8-26202629F854Unresolved traumas eat our energy
It seems that most significant traumas are very deep and come from childhood or even as an emotional DNA from the past lives. We may feel these scars in the heart sometimes, but some heavy traumas are so deeply buried we may not even be aware of their existence. As we grow up these unresolved issues tend to cloud our experience of life, compromising our true nature of openness, love, compassion and joy. We live with these dormant wounds until someone or something reopen them. We roar and emotionally bleed. At these turning points of our life we have a choice between destruction or creation. We can react unconsciously or respond with as much awareness, compassion and forgiveness as possible. We can continue to act as we usually do, allowing unresolved issues to spread like tumours which obscure our Light, or we can pause and allow energy to flow from the Divine seed within. We can look at everything as an opportunity to grow and to be free, to be Love and Light again! There is nothing in our heart but Love from God!


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