My dharma


Without inner peace, material wealth can seem a little empty. Daily spiritual practice is a way to honour ourselves. Before discovering yoga I would plan a holiday every year, scratching my head deciding what country to visit. These days my dharma calls me back to India. For the last 8 years I have travelled there to bow and humble myself to my teacher and the practice of yoga. When I started yoga I could never have imagined living without holidays and restaurants. There was actually a time when I used to eat out twice a day seven times a week! Yoga is all about transformation of the whole psyche, not just the body. Give it 10 years and we may never be the same! As the mind calms down and the heart expands, the smile widens with an ever-increasing appreciation of the abundantly colourful, loving life in which we all belong. Inner peace is a fundamental and worthwhile quality which daily yoga practice can help us experience. Then one day we open our eyes and recognise we are truly living our dream! India is calling! Love to all! Light to all! Om

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