My sweetheart brother recently came to visit me. He thinks of me as some kind of freak from the health police as am always giving him ‘helpful’ suggestions!  Naturally I really want him to be the best version of himself and I come from a place of compassion and kindness about his smoking, drinking and eating habits, but his usual come back is that I can’t possibly know what it’s like to be addicted to smoking, alcohol and fast food since I am a non-drinking non-smoking vegan. His argument makes me pause and meditate. I rediscover that there are potentiallly plenty of addictions in me; the only difference is that I have learnt not to feed them as they would never be aligned with the voice of my Soul. By following a wiser, healthier lifestyle, bad habits never have a chance to get out if hand. If I am out of balance and my awareness is half-awake, then the weeds of self-destruction will grow at lightning speed, so I just have to drag myself away from these destructive impulses. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable, sometimes it’s painful, but it’s OK to be present with those feelings until I see the Light. No matter how much pain I go through I always feel the presence of Love nearby. All these bad habits hold back potential power and inner peace. I learn to stay focused one day at a time. If we can survive one day without strengthening the weeds in the mind then we can survive a second and third day! If anyone out there is trying to give up some stuff, what’s holding you back? We are so much more than mere victims to the unconscious impulses which drive self-destructive habits! Blessings to all. Love to all,OM


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