Something good is coming to you!


1536158011462.JPEGI count my blessings to be able to spend time by the sea between yoga classes; it’s been my sanctuary for the last 8 years. A couple of days ago I was there as usual, but on this occasion I woke up to discover my phone was not in my bag. I had made a call 30 minutes earlier and now it had vanished Well, I took a deep breath and acted as quickly as I could to protect my personal data. Then I redirected my focus on gratitude as I realised how lucky I was to still have my bag with my wallet and documents. I decided to focus on something good coming from this and I then allowed myself to feel compassion for the person who needed to do such a thing. His or her life I imagined might well be difficult and desperate. Trading the dignity of the Soul by stealing from others is something which blocks personal evolution, robbing oneself of inner peace. I hope the thief who stole my phone enjoys it as much as I did or benefits from the money it sells for. As it turned out, the next day I ended up buying a very different phone which has an even better screen, is quicker, friendlier, more intelligent and it’s organising my life super-efficiently! Sooo Blessings! Thank you! Love and Blessings to all! May we all be happy and free!

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