The inner guide

40543675_10216608942206589_7765101653404942336_n.jpgYoga is my energetic shower pouring from the sky every day. The real practice is beyond muscles, bones and joints. It’s not physical for me at all, otherwise my mind would be bored already a million times over. The magic is invisible. It’s connection to the Source and a taste of abundant joy and love! As you taste it, it’s impossible to forget this and it’s the reason I have continued to practice daily for the last 10 years. Every day we have to clean the physical body so it’s the same for the subtle bodies. We have to move the energy within. Through yoga I rediscover a lot about myself; how a lot of tensions in my muscles and joints connect to the tension patterns within my mind. By stretching the body we stretch the mind. When we are fearful, angry or stressed we are closing and shrinking, eating way too much and we are ageing pretty quickly as well. When we are in love we are expanding, vibrating with higher frequencies and succeeding in our dreams. We just have to connect with our inner guide and follow that voice. It’s not easy but that is the place where we find authentic contentment and peace. Are you listening to your inner guide?

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