It’s not my food.


Body weight is all in the mind. Even some beautiful slim students ask me if they can lose weight with yoga. My focus was never on boring numbers on the scales. I don’t believe in them; I believe in the graceful integration between Body, Mind and Soul. I also believe in taming the mind through yoga practice. Mainstream media saturates our sensibilities with gorgeous sexy bodies. Men apparently need to have bulky muscles while women should have long legs with ample breasts and peachy looking butt’s!! Unfortunately the deeper reality could be sad, as some of them experience a great separation within, where the head has little integration via the neck to the body. As the emotions are suppressed, the breathing becomes shallow and the natural mechanism for stress release is compromised. The resulting shortness in the diaphragm area brings the head and shoulders forward, creating tension and stiffness. Nerve and CSF flow, and myofascial connections become compromised throughout the body just from this deviation from the ideal structure, then there could be several other factors including injuries, emotional issues.. I used to struggle with integration of my arms and legs in the past and I’m still working on it with handstands for example. The brain to limbs link just wasn’t there for me 10 years ago. Every time I wanted to do something like lift my leg in utthita hasta padangushtasana, my mind was convinced that it belonged to someone else as it I was so heavy and on top of that I had weak abdominal muscles, so no matter how much I wanted to do it, nothing moved. My body weight was average at S/ M and since starting yoga I am now XXS. I dont know my body weight as it’s not my priority. Yoga changed my consciousness and food choice. It has become my journey since 2008. Along the way I became vegan and stopped eating rubbish food which made my mind foggy, the body heavy and practice impossible. Now I enjoy fresh veggies and fruits. It’s not my diet, it’s my lifestyle. There is no suffering in my mind when I pass by my favourite sugary food from the past, it’s simply a clear thought that this is not my food and there is no longer a vibrational match. I am enjoying the path of yoga, which brings more awareness and integration between my Soul, body and mind. It makes it bright and colourful! Tell me, are you still chasing a perfect number on the scales?

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