If we love them, set them free!


39570022_10216498639609093_5186955548666363904_n.jpgWe moved again. Everybody loved this idea except our ginger cat Lui. He came to us as a kitten and from day one we made him feel like the whole world spins around him. I know it’s totally my fault, but I couldn’t resist those green eyes which always gave him licence to be a very ‘cheeky ginger monkey’. He knew he was the boss! The psychological trauma for Lui began when Bernando, Tiger and curvy hipped Kitty moved in 3 months ago. He did his best to regard the rest of the hairy family as some kind of temporary inconvenience, but then we moved to a new home across the valley and here Lui’s world turned upside down. He took his life in his own paws and moved out. We went 3 times to the old house and brought him back, but his eyes signalled major annoyance, rather like those of a disgruntled teenager saying “You just ruined my life”. So I let him go! I couldn’t believe I could do it, but seeing him so unhappy was breaking my heart. I prayed that somebody would give him food and I sent him loving thoughts! I reminded myself that usually teenagers eventually leave their parents and that’s how life works. Lui was with us 5 beautiful years. There was a hole in my heart but I loved him so much I had to let him go! I found peace in the knowledge that he was free to choose what he wanted. Then 2 days later our ginger boy Lui miraculously returned home with a soft loving attitude. Now he seems grateful, happy and peaceful. My heart and his heart are dancing with joy! Letting him go allowed him the space to return. If we love them, set them free!

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