Park your shoes outside, Honey!

There is a custom in India to leave your shoes outside the house, yoga shala, temple or any sacred space. It feels familiar to me as it’s the same thing we do in Latvia (although probably it’s more about hygiene there than anything else). I was caught by surprise at the Melukote temple 7 years ago in India as we had to take our shoes off before climbing the 300 uneven stone steps to the temple. Fortunately for me I had socks, otherwise the heat of the stone steps would have burnt my feet. It felt sacred and mystical but my ignorant mind was wondering why I had to remove my shoes 1777 metres away from the temple? Alexander smiled and advised me to imagine that shoes represent  one’s “baggage ” which needs to be left behind in order to be empty and receive what the Soul really needs. Ooo, my heart smiled and loved this idea. Yes, please, I want to be empty and peel off the layers of protective armour, separation, pain and illusion around the heart. I want to let go off all the unreal and move towards the truth. I want to feel, touch and connect with the immortality of the Soul. So I bow, surrender and leave my shoes behind me. The journey of true self begins!

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