Pray. Meditate. Do yoga.

The movement of planets seems to influence every one of us in specific ways. There are plenty of interesting transitions for me in 2018, with several planets retrograding etc. On top of all that the regular full moon and new moon come and go with an eclipse or two thrown in just to add a little intensity! Because every person is unique, every shift in the sky is experienced differently. For me, when an auspicious or challenging time arrives, the best thing I can do is pause, pray, meditate and do yoga. It’s like a medicinal renewal for the Soul, mind and body. I dive deep inwards and I wait. I am not even trying to understand some of the things that come to me as they often become sort of toys for the mind. So instead I am learning to sit in the middle of the fire, let go of me completely and trust that head office in Heaven knows what it’s doing. I am learning to be with the moments of peace and love in the middle of the storm. It’s a great time to watch how yoga works off the mat. I had an epiphany 10 years ago while preparing for an exam with my friend Lisa. That exam meant everything to me. There were no questions, just a manual of 250 pages which we needed to know by heart. I looked at it with worried eyes. Lisa smiled and advised me not to be nervous because then I would fail even before the exam, as ironically the essence of the 1.2 yoga sutra is citta-vrtti -nirodhah, (yoga) is actually the stilling of the ever changing mind state. I laughed, relaxed and allowed myself to enjoy every moment during the exam. I changed my thoughts and everything changed. Now, during interesting/challenging times, I like to sit, watch the mind and practice yoga! It’s always an exciting ride!

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