The whole Universe is within us!


I accepted not being flexible as a child, but being the Latvian national fitness champion gave me the illusion I was at least strong. Then I found yoga, or maybe yoga found me! My poor ego was crushed within 5 minutes. I had some muscles but no communication or integration between them. I couldn’t do handstands or forearm stands and to be honest I am still perfecting them these days. And my mind; Oh boy, it was as weak as my strong but fake looking muscles. Accessing my passion for dedication, I started to practice yoga daily. I knew it would not be easy so I didn’t have any expectations. I told myself to just practice, focus and surrender! Less of me and more of yoga. Being weak and inflexible I realised with time that all the ups and downs are blessings. We can learn a whole Universe of human nature through yoga practice. To make myself comfortable and peaceful in any asana  I have to let go off one or another layer of me. Constant purification. Each asana has a gift. Impatience transformed into understanding that everything arrives at the right time and place when I just trust in the Divine energy of creation. My weaknesses transformed into the power of never giving up and I reminded myself that ‘what cannot be done today will become possible in the future with enough dedication and practice’ . Physical and emotional armour began to melt away, transforming the inner dragons into Love. Despite all hardships and difficulties on or off the mat, I learned to always check in with my heart to find the love of God. The depth of yoga practice continues to purify my mind, body and Spirit. I wish everyone a wonderful practice of Sadhana for life. Love and peace to all.

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