There is no tomorrow!


Tomorrow is a dangerous word in any language! It’s where our dreams might stay forever as mere fantasy. Procrastination could be powered by fear, laziness, doubt etc., or maybe a combination of influences supporting the illusion that tomorrow, Monday or for sure next week we will do something positive to help us move towards the dream. The naked truth is that there is no tomorrow, there is only one precious day and it’s today! We need to do it or start putting the wheels in motion the moment any inspiration comes to us! What are we waiting for, what hod’s us back? We cannot build a house in one day but we can start laying the foundations for it. We don’t need to do everything in one go, as many projects like yoga need regular daily intention and practice. Japanese folklore says “Fast is slow; but continuously, without interruptions!” Do what nourishes the Soul and enjoy life now, today! There is no tomorrow!

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