Looking for Miracles in daily life!

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Once upon a time in Thailand 33 pairs of excited, over-enthusiastic and drunk in happiness eyes were soaking up everything the godlike yoga teachers were saying and doing. We wrote notes and filmed every second of their teachings! I was in the front row as hungry as a lion to learn by heart all the knowledge being given to us! We were told never to compromise our personal practice and to always start our daily yoga before sunrise at 4am! My jaw dropped with lightening speed on this news because I even struggled to be up for the 8am lectures during my university days! Due to the strong passionate urges of my Higher Self, my laziness thankfully began to fade away! It took me years and years for this inner battle to be concluded, but now I can tell I did it: I now wake up to the magic of Life every day and see stars and the moon, hear the silence, bathe in the astonishing beauty of sunrise, feel the smile of God, say a big fat “ YES” to life and I dissolve in all the magic of the smells, sounds and scenery around me! It’s a daily miracle!

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