Land of the Holy cow

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On the 29th of October I am flying to the land of Gods and Goddesses. Their love is felt in every corner, every tree, every stone and in the chaos of bright colours and in the scent of intense spices. You feel it in the huge hearted smiles (occasionally toothless) and on the roads where incessant horns obscure a variety of Bollywood music. You sense the love also in the holy cows, goats and chickens who walk like they own the road. I am flying to the land where you have to be alert and awake every single second as there is a risk of stepping into all sorts of “holy shit” kindly distributed by various beings. You may also end up under a crazy bright yellow-purple-pink bus which is racing somewhere at cosmic speed without any significant safety mirrors. Belief in karma trumps standard Western driving laws here! Everybody will shake and touch your hand, sincerely asking your name, country and family details. They pass their kids to you and take endless photos. This could be in Temples, markets; actually anywhere! You are never left alone. Cows ask for chapatti, dogs for cookies, monkeys want bananas and people want money. Everyone and everything will constantly test your patience and kindness! You are metaphorically hung upside down and shaken so intensely that you are soothed into submission! In this state of being you can’t do anything other than laugh out loud, do the head dance side to side thing and open your heart widely! You will never be the same after a visit to the Holy Land of Mother India where Love reigns over the mind!!

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