Packing time to India

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It’s packing time for 2 months in India and I am refusing painful goodbyes!
I feel Blessed and rich because life keeps bringing so many beautiful people on my path! It feels miraculous! Some come and go like the seasons of nature, yet with all the changes, we all seem to be part of a beautifully choreographed dance of Life. Some people touch me in a way that stays in my Soul forever and no matter how much I am trying to be Zen, Shanti and a non-attachment yogi, I am just failing to say goodbye as I feel so much pain and so many tears in my Heart! So I have stopped hurting my heart with goodbyes and instead I am focussing on staying connected to everybody forever. No goodbyes, but rather Thank You very much for being in my Life and even if I don’t see some of you again this lifetime, I still always carry you in my Heart and I am always here for you! I send all of you Love and Blessings with Heartfelt Gratitude and I hope to see you soon!

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