Choose Faith instead of fear

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Sometimes we get caught in the web of fear. 2012 India, my Visa magnet was destroyed by coins. Yes, silly things happen! At the same time my soul sister and room mate Nathalie ran out of money. Perfect timing! One week left without any rupees in the Holy mother land. Scratching our heads we decided to look on the bright side: the yoga school, our accommodation, the car to the airport and flight tickets were all paid for! We decided to do everything we could and then leave it to the Universe, so we planned to fast, pray and do a lot of yoga. What a great opportunity to detox.. and it was all for free! Nathalie went to the nearest temple and I went to chant mantras ( Thank God, it was based on donation!) I was stopped after the chanting by my Italian friend who invited us to a movie. I smiled and told her that Nathalie and I had an empty budget and the cinema was not on our priority list. She smiled back and explained to me one more time that it was a Bollywood movie and the director would pay as she needed a blonde girl. Wow! Yes, sure, can I bring one more blonde friend who would like to be in the movie? O, yes, by the way, the italian friend’s name was Angel(a)! The next day, Saturday, was a perfect day as it was the only day off in our yoga practice and so we went to work in India!!! Yes, my mind could not believe it too; it was just mind blowing! We had lots of fun being in some Indian thriller with mafia, flash cars and Bollywood stars. In 4-5 hours we arrived back home with enough food money for the last 7 days and we even had enough to buy presents for our loved ones! Thank you Universe! Choose Faith instead fear! The Universe always supports us! Feel it, believe it, see it! If something is taken away it just means God may well bring something even better! Maybe not always, but more often than not! Believe!

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