Today is the best day!

Everyday is the best day!

Recently a friend asked if there was anything new in my life. New? I didn’t even know where to start! Every day is a new day in a new world with so many exciting projects that it’s difficult to fit everything in! The energy web we are all part of is full of creativity and transformational quantum leaps. It feels like universal knowledge has ignited like a fire. It must be time to shine together and spread our broken wings. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to view each day as if it were our birthday rather than have a celebration just once a year, so that every single day is a blessing. It’s in our power to make it happen. When we wake up in the morning it means we are loved very much as important pieces of the puzzle of life. We can shine individually and shine even brighter together. Every day is a celebration day. What does your Soul want to celebrate today?

Meet your Soul in yoga classes!

Bookings are essential for group classes.

Private classes are available too.

As always Divine Love and Light to everyone


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