Creating Joy!

Transformational energies are strong in November and it’s time not just to dream Big, but to actually do something about it! For most of us I imagine we never feel the need to dream about and craftily manifest a cup of coffee, because it’s just so easy to make one at home or buy one, yet with the perception of more complex manifestations such as travel, health and happiness, we then feel the need to dream intently until hopefully the dream becomes reality. Sometimes all we need to do is just say yes to anything positive that appears right in front of us! It’s a powerful moment to say Yes to everything we desire as the Universe always delivers when there is sufficient clarity and intention. Wanting transformation, and being fully alive needs to be a strong enough passion in order to brush away the variety of excuses which may come up, including pandemic issues, money worry issues etc. etc. It’s easier to stay in our comfort zone out of fear rather than step out into the unknown a little bit. The Irony is that change seems to be the only reliable constant in this reality! Join me for a transformational retreat to Portugal on the 1st of January 2022 and emerge in the beauty of Unesco World Heritage sites – magnificent monasteries, magical palaces and many ancient castles. Say yes to yourself and to a brighter you in 2022!

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