Latvia met me with +5 degrees, rain, hot tea, the beauty of the people’s heart and an awareness of egregore, the energy field of collective consciousness. As my plans to visit castles and palaces evaporated with the uninspiring weather and Covid 19 restrictions, my focus went even deeper into connections with family and friends. Spending time with my loved ones and warm strangers, I was surprised to notice that most people seem to be under a collective energy hypnosis. I kept hearing the same limiting patterns of thoughts, ideas and dreams. I had read about that 20 years ago and probably understood it theoretically a couple of years later, but now I actually saw it, sensed it and smelt it in real life. I didn’t need to spend very much time with someone to already have a picture in my mind of the pattern of their life. I saw the beauty and pain in their heart. Nobody needs to feel pain indefinitely. We have the power to make up our mind as to what we focus on. It’s in our power to be aware of what kind of energies/entities we are feeding. Time and energy are precious commodities; to be awake and create the best day of our life by living like there is no tomorrow and being in the reality of the present moment. Stay awake, feel gratitude, make love, kindness, beauty! And as always, sending you Love and the beauty of Light.

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