The Glorious power of Love!

Falling in or falling out of love are misleading expressions I believe. Experiencing love is more like opening a window which may have been shut due to one or several unresolved emotional issues. Love always exists and always lives somewhere inside us. When we squeeze an orange we don’t expect to get lemon juice. So when someone squeezes us, we offer up what’s already inside. Nobody can make us angry if this feeling doesn’t exist somewhere within us. When we allow our heart to be open and be overwhelmed by love, we are in love with the whole world  in all its colourful diversity and our whole being seems to smile in wonder and gratitude. One of the beauties of Love is when we taste it we can’t taste anything else. We vibrate differently do that emotions like fear or anger don’t resonate anymore. When our whole being is overwhelmed with love and gratitude there is no any chance for fear, anger, disease to survive. Be love, stay in love. Everything is happening for us. The whole universe is inside us. As always love to all, Angela

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