Living in the paradise!

A friend of mine was laughing at me one day. “Your life is boring, Angela” she said. “You are constantly living in paradise.” Now it was my turn to laugh aloud as I appreciated her German humour which also prompted me to investigate my life a little bit. It’s my conscious choice to wake up every day with excitement, joy and with a bright energy; I think I must have inherited a happy gene or two! I choose to live in paradise. Life is so wonderful, so beautiful, so precious, that I don’t want to spend more time and energy than necessary on any thoughts or feelings related to suffering, ingratitude or sadness. Yes, I have my moments, but I often make a conscious effort to live through them as if I am witnessing a drama movie. Yes, I also know what unbearable screaming pain is. I experienced it when my dad died in 2017 and I couldn’t talk about it for a year, as my choice was to live in pain silently and channel it through yoga practice. Every day when I felt emotional pain swallowing me up, I would deliver myself onto a yoga mat. I moved, twisted, bent and squeezed all of it out of my physical and emotional body until I felt free again. I learnt to accept and honour my dad’s Soul choice and I am very grateful to the Universe. The world is a blank canvas which our mind paints with a multitude of colours. I choose bright colours with constructive vibrations. I choose to live fully now before I die, rather than dying without having fully lived. So I am living in a bright sunny paradise because this is what I prefer!

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