Spread Love and Joy

We are all born from the source of Love. We are Love and we are all creating beauty from Love. This is my reality which I am painting every day. My mornings start with breath work, gratitude and Love towards the Universe and myself. I am not watching any news or reading newspapers as I don’t want to be exposed to the negative virus of fear which the mainstream media likes to share with us. I also filter out any low vibration movies from entering my Universe. Yes, the frequencies of pain, suffering and fear do exist and I am also aware that fear can’t survive very long when exposed to the higher frequencies of Love and Gratitude. I prefer to choose and share Gratitude and Love. If I am not vibrating with Love and Joy, then this means I need to restore my energies with rest and a detox. Love, hugs and kisses are all naturally imprinted in our DNA. It’s the magic cure for everything and anything. I really love to feel the waves of Love and Light around me and I love to share these frequencies with you, creating a powerful energetic circle which can heal our Hearts and fulfil our Souls. It’s time to shine and spread Love. And as always, Love to all Beautiful Angels in human form.

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