Love is everyone, Love is everything!

The more I open my heart the more I sense that there is nothing there but love, whether generated by memories, future projections or imaginings, or simply by being 100% in the present moment. Love is absolutely everywhere, even if the mind obscures this temporarily by focusing on negativity. When we stay open and grateful, the energy of Love comes to us and moves through us. By observing with gratitude the sensations in the physical body, the temple of the Soul, we can liberate materialised negativity. Sometimes blockages are in tight shoulders or a screaming back or stubborn hips. Exhaling negativity allows vital oxygen to ignite the inner fire of Love and opens the wings of freedom. Our target may well be the moon, but we can still enjoy the stars around us on the journey. When we maintain the mantra of enjoying life as much as possible, we attract good people and positive experiences while negative influences fall away. A regular reality check is always a good plan! Are we postponing the kind of life we really desire unnecessarily or are we living our authentic life right now in this moment. Personally I often ask myself if I have a short time left to live, is this how I want my life experience to be? Through the help of Yoga I continue to stretch open my mind, body and heart to the waves of Divine Love! Thank you, my Beautiful Souls and as always, Love to you all!

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