Love and Beauty

Divine Universal Love is naturally everywhere. It’s in every kiss of each sunrise, in the scent of flowers, in the healing ocean waves, in the dancing wind and in human and animal touch. The more our heart is in contact with the Divine, the more we can appreciate life’s wonders. When we listen, speak and act from the heart, the more Gratitude and Healing we experience. Unhealed wounds from the past might interfere with this. I remember some difficult times when pain came to me from unhealed wounds. There were days when I was asking the stars why, but now I look up with the attitude of ‘thank you, I’m listening and learning’. I know I am in a beautiful place surrounded by Love and Beauty and everything is happening for me. There is always meaning to be found in wonderful or difficult, painful times. Understanding might be instant or it might take years to fully comprehend. So I am grateful in advance for all Love, Joy, perfect Health, deep Friendship, Universal Abundance and Kindness. I’m not being like an Ostrich with its head in the sand, I’m actually consciously choosing a preferred reality. Every day I consciously switch off any robotic type mental patterns and reset the computer brain by focusing on my preferred Love filled reality. What are you creating today? Sending you as always – Love, Joy, Abundance, perfect Health and Tenderness

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