Wild women are fully alive!

I began my yoga journey with the Ashtanga system. It’s a very disciplined approach which totally worked for me during the first couple of years practice. I found peace in this. Without unwanted thoughts I was able to just focus, surrender and practice again and again. Then some wildness stirred within me; a rebellious firey beast woke up and wanted to explore more movements beyond any systems. I embraced that fire and developed a practice more suited to me while still honouring the fundamental structural elements of Yoga. Calming the mind is still in focus, together with a deeper exploration and experience of the sacred beauty of being and at the same time being one with the physical. Such fragility and yet so much strength. The physical contains a whole universe of energies, including our individual history, family history and genes, as well as the energies which unite all of us. I choose to be less restricted in my mind to allow more freedom in my body. Every aspect of life is enhanced, physical and energetic, a deeper connection within and deeper connections with others, general vitality and a deeper sense of connection with the eternal spark of energy which we are graced with. We just need to honour our own unique wildness and be the way we are. No struggle is required to simply embody the authentic and unique individual nature of oneself. Love you all my Beautiful Angels.😘😘😘😘😘

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