Born to enjoy!

We are all here to enjoy life. Yepp! We have all the tools to create the most beautiful and fun journey possible through life if we wish to and we can choose to adjust our focus right now. It’s all about our mind set. It doesn’t matter where we are right now, who we are, how many kids, wives, husbands and bank accounts we have. What matters is our state of being and intention. When we look into a mirror and smile, guess what, we get the smile right back. The whole world mirrors and reflects our state in some way. When we choose to enjoy it we reclaim our inner power! When I was eleven, my cousin and I used to play a game where we pretended to be immigrants and the only language we could speak was English. These days both my cousin and I live abroad where knowing the English language is quite useful! We can reclaim our power every day by spending at least some quality time alone. Stop and listen. We need to remember the whole universe is in us and that we co-create our life experience. Let’s enjoy it!
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Monday: Pranayama, hanumanasana, samakonasana, handstands, vinyasa, yogadandasana, padmasana, finishing asanas, meditation.
Wednesday: Pranayama, backbending , vinyasa, finishing asanas, meditation.
Friday: Pranayama, hanumanasana, samakonasana, vinyasa, baddna konasana, eka pada rajakapotasana, finishing asanas, meditation.
Happily looking forward to seeing you!

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