Damn hard classes!

Why my classes might seem so damn hard!
There is a perception that my yoga classes are difficult and intense. The process of birth is difficult and painful too, but imagine a 9 month old being refusing to be born. This would be risky for both mother and child. The truth is, transformation may well be painful, but it’s also a beautiful blessing which the Soul craves for. We come together to learn and transform physically, mentally and emotionally. Yes, we can be reborn! And no, we don’t spend 30 minutes in shavasana in my classes as I believe this homework anybody can master at home:) As we stretch out the myofascial system of our body, the mind expands. We sit in uncomfortable positions/asanas and learn to breathe through the intensity as it rises and fades away. That, my dear Sweethearts is the ancient teaching of the great Buddha and an active part of Vipassana meditation. We tap into our inner power by doing push ups over and over again, learning to stand on our hands, elbows. As we twist and squeeze our way out of unconscious layers of protection, we restore our true self from behind these various masks. The heart is always more joyful and open with love and light after a yoga class. The Soul seems to shine even brighter through the eyes, and smiles seem to be wider by the end of a class. I am very grateful for all your intention and work to transform. I feel deeply touched to witness the changes. We are creating a circle of Love and Light and yes, sometimes this requires passing through difficulties.

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