Tune your vision towards the bright side!


88237178_10221056126743423_6289717577627205632_o.jpgI choose to look at everything as a blessing in my life, as I truly believe that ultimately all will unfold in the best possible way. Patanjali called doubt one of the great poisons of the mind and it will rise up once in while. When it does I look up at the infinite sky full of stars and disappear in its beauty, love and magic. I start to sense under my skin, deeply in my heart, somewhere beyond the mind capacity that there is nothing but love and I am part of it. We all come here to evolve in the giving and receiving of love. That’s it. Even if the ego whispers different things I will choose consciously to let it go and open my heart with faith to infinite Source. Even if sometimes things are falling apart, as intense and as painful as it may be, I know it’s just a cleansing and growing time and I will be grateful for these moments in a short period of time. I let go of these poisonous doubt patterns in the mind. I trust that I am where I am supposed to be and all is beautiful in my life. I am surrounded by love and beauty. I am beyond words of gratitude and love to all my students for your commitment, love and support. You are all my shining stars! Love and blessings to all!

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