As the years go by, life continually reminds me that yoga is an awesome blessing. It’s a journey of gradual rediscovery and reconstruction of the self. As layers of resistance peel away, I feel like a snake shedding its skin over and over again. I remind myself to focus on the process of yoga practice rather than on any successes or failures. I ease myself into being more comfortable with occasional suffering and accept it as part of the process of advancing and growing. I allow myself to feel emotional and physical pain with an inner smile of grace and gratitude. My mind, body and soul engage with discipline, devotion and love. Light slowly evaporates habitual dark clouds. Nature teaches me patience as I observe trees growing steadily over 10 or 20 years. No rush. As we follow the authentic path of the heart, sooner or later we all arrive at Samadhi. I’m already packing my bags ready to fly back to Mallorca. I arrive on December the 25th and I’m looking forward to resuming group classes and private classes! LOVE you all!!! Photo credit Irina Pietrowa43BC9AD7-4AC4-42A2-8B1F-FD0C8B80A752.jpeg

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