Gratitude to my first spiritual teacher!


35026494_10215963048579652_3286490369100873728_n.jpgApparently personal spiritual guides are around us as soon as we are born and some physical spiritual guides may appear later in life. My Grandma was my first spiritual teacher. She was full of pearls of wisdom. Every morning before sunrise she would wake us up to pray to God. This is a precious memory for me. I would observe her kneeling in candlelight and divine light in front of the altar. She surrendered and offered her gratitude, wishing health and happiness to all. She taught me that God is pure love and that all of us are his Angels, including me. She only had time to read the Bible and she always reminded me about the infinite unconditional love of God and in this light she lived her whole life: in her work, thoughts and conversations. She ignited the fire of Love in me and I learned that with God I am in good, safe hands, surrounded by Love. Once I shared a concern with her that my dad was not praying and she just smiled and told me not to worry as everybody has God’s love inside their hearts, but sometimes they are just too busy to look deeply enough inside. My grandma passed away back to the Light almost 10 years ago when I had just started to teach yoga. I saw her in a dream, where she was smiling and looking extraordinarily beautiful with white long hair (she had long black hair while in her physical body). She offered me my favourite chocolate cake. I still keep this dream in my heart like precious jewellery and when I was sharing this with my friend, I realised that my grandma was giving her blessings and approval from the Heavens regarding my path. She is still guiding and helping me; I just have to close my eyes and look deeply inside my Heart and then I feel her light presence next to me.

Gratitude and love to all.

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