33520994_10215851233184337_1054059358976999424_n.jpgThe mind needs to be trained just like any muscle in the body. We need to use the mind wisely, otherwise it will use us! The focus should be on Love and Peace.

A Buddhist teacher was once asked to explain the difference between Western and Tibetan people. The answer was that Westerners waste their time; busying themselves with anything at all, just as long as any self-inquiry is avoided. This observation resonates with me profoundly. How often do I waste my time? I might eat too much, talk too much or shop too much. It’s all a waste of energy. I believe we must keep our focus and intensions clear so we can arrive at the sense of self we would like to experience in 5, 10 and 15 years time. How about cultivating the wish to reduce the ego and increase kindness!? And then we work, move and think towards these intensions. We need to elevate our energy with gratitude and with the fire of Love! If we cannot move, then we crawl as best we can in the right direction with our intention. We show up on a yoga mat or a meditation cushion as an act of Love and respect for ourselves! And no matter how many times we fail, it’s actually OK because we will keep rising up like the glorious Sun, allowing the power of unconditional love to nourish our consciousness, replenishing our potential to love ourselves and those around us. It’s our time to believe in us and just do it! Less ego, more Love!

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