The Sun is always shining!


Sometimes we forget that behind grey clouds the sun is always shining. Sooner or later it will shine through, bringing something Better.

10 years ago we were living in a seaside apartment. It felt like paradise to walk 300 steps down to the beach. It was my dream location, but unfortunately I shared this dream with thousands of hormonally charged party lovers! My priorities then changed dramatically and so what seemed like a dream in 2008, now looked like a place to run away from at lightning speed! When it was time to leave this apartment on the beach, I began to panic, but then a wise friend reminded me that I was obviously moving on to something better! My fearful mind of course still resisted and then I told myself to be a spiritual warrior rather than a habitual worrier! I took a deep breath and turned on my trust button again. I allowed my mind to get out of the way so that the benevolent forces of synchronicity could get to work. Finally I allowed life’s magic to relocate us to a beautiful and peaceful home. All our dreams come true if we can just step aside and trust in the Divine plan which always guides us towards the best solutions! Always! Sooner or later the sun shines through! Love in all directions! XXXXX

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