Big Heart small ego

I believe God kisses everybody with gifts when we enter into this world. The thing is, sometimes it may take years or even a couple of decades to figure out our unique gifts. Yoga was never easy for my unfocussed mind and body, but my Heart and Soul have always spoken loudly while I practice, redirecting wayward energies towards my Soul purpose. I am not really a fan of competitive sports where someone is ‘defeated’ while the ego of the ‘winner’ is temporarily inflated. Yoga feels so wholesome and nourishing as the Heart grows bigger while the ego gets smaller. The trick is to keep this going in real life situations. Personally, it’s a work in progress! I guess it can take my whole life or even many life times. And if I inspire others to follow this spiritual, devoted, beautiful, demanding and disciplined path, I know I am doing my dharma: I am passing the Light from my teacher to you! Gratitude and Love in all directions

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