Go with the Flow!


I  believe God’s Love is within all of us. Sometimes this interconnecting Love gets hidden very deeply; never the less it is always there. I strongly believe in expressing this unconditional Love right now, rather than putting it off; and a crystal clear Love with no agenda means we avoid restricting anyone’s freedom.

Nature shows us how resisting the flow is useless: we can’t hold onto fire without burning our hands and we can’t hold sand or water without it slipping through our fingers. I believe that if it is written in the stars, then people will connect with each other, so we just need to be open to the flow and say yes!

Sometimes when life separates us, we pray to set each other free. Often it feels like we are crawling through to the other side of the pain in order to find the resources which can renew us. Denying the reality of emotional pain saps our energy, while opening the heart to Love and Light gives us the ability to transform our impossibles into possibles. Love in all directions. XXXXX

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