Ignite your fire

“Listen to your body” is a well known cliché in the Yoga world; haha, if I had listened to my body 10 years ago I would still be on the sofa eating croissants while watching comedy movies. I Still love comedies but only after practice, not before or instead of!

Someone trying to give up smoking would understandably be saying within 24 hours that their body needs nicotine, as time is needed for the brain biochemistry to develop a new structure. I believe if you did it once you can do it again, until a new neurological pattern and a greater sense of mind/body/spirit wholeness becomes established. Some say 21 days is enough, but maybe it’s more like several years?

Clarity of mind is required in order to develop a sufficient quality of intention to feel better and be better. So it’s necessary to strongly remember that holding onto rusty old negative patterns keeps us in a swamp of self-limitations, preventing us from developing our potential and being harmoniously connected with the Divine.

In my case I knew that amazing things could happen if I just put croissants aside and got off the sofa! I did not want to miss my life and I wanted to live fully in the moment! I also knew that a bad diet would make me have wind in the hair as well as making me lethargic and depressed; I did not come to this planet for all that! I started with the disciplined spiritual practice of Yoga, learning to master and integrate mind, body and spirit, allowing pure consciousness to simply watch this moondance.

There are some days when my mind is lazy, so I meditate and then practice. There are also days when my body is complaining, so I then teach myself to use the physical body less, because what I actually need to do is concentrate, listen to the breath instead of muscling through the practice.

One way or another I always practice and I never feel disappointed afterwards because I always feel energised, happy and on fire. What ignites your inner fire?

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