Commitment to the Heart

Sometimes we have to be down in the dumps before we can launch into the sky. Sometimes a serene face makes an advanced asana seem easy peasy, but in reality it may have taken many years of dedicated daily practice. If something touches my Heart and wakes up my Soul, I commit myself to that and I never give it up. This is why I am so devoted to Yoga. It is such an indescribable joy to feel, move and unlock the body. It’s an unbelievably empowering feeling when all impossibles and excuses transform into possibles and solutions. My practice has become food for the Soul. Yoga expands energy and opens the mind. It paints life in bright vivid colours. Yoga practice can be intense and hard work sometimes, but as we know, hard work and persistence is often necessary for success. As a 12 month old baby I was a late walker, while my friends were already running before even walking! I was making small steps, falling a lot, even bleeding a few times. But my parents never told me to look at my friends who were already walking gracefully and they never suggested that maybe walking was not for me and that crawling was much more my thing :)! In fact just the opposite, as my dad would be next to me, holding my hand and walking with me all around our home until I started to walk on my own. Learning to walk didn’t happen overnight and I guess I took it as my first lesson in never giving up! Let’s keep practicing and stay committed to what touches the Heart!
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