The Joy of growing!

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I still remember the early days of my yoga practice when I couldn’t reach my toes and I would suffer a lot. Yes, we all have to start somewhere! Eventually I learned to change my attitude from resistance to acceptance and I began to love the pain of ‘growing’. The experience of pain is a fundamental part of our life anyway, let’s face it! At least these days the word impossible doesn’t feature in my vocabulary. For example, when I hate my alarm clock for being so loud at my optimum time of 4.30 am, when I have an epic battle between myself and brownies (definitely it’s time to end this neurotic chocolate relationship!): it’s not the handstand, splits or karandavasana I need to conquer, it’s actually myself. Every day I choose to use what God gave me wisely. I always choose to step on my yoga mat intending to dive deeply into my psyche, to listen to my breath, to calm my mind and feel my heart! Whenever the cobwebs and dust of laziness, doubts, frustration, attachment, illusion or desire come to the surface, I just observe without judgement and continue to move forward on my yoga path. I surrender and give my best! It’s an endless joy for me to learn and grow by twisting and stretching out all the emotional dirt in order to allow the best version of myself to come forward! No excuses, only solutions! I don’t care what I have or don’t have right now, I just know I am moving in the right direction! There is always time for us, even if it’s way before sunrise! Life is too precious and too short to waste! What Joy did you give yourself today?

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