Sweetheart, you can do it!

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During the last minutes of the 20th century in Latvia, I was standing under a Christmas tree, staring at the stars and falling snow! The 21st century then started with a magic waterfall of fireworks lighting up the sky. I repeated a mantra to myself and to the Universe, ”Darling, you can achieve anything you desire!”
My number one desire was to live in a country where the sun shines 300 days every year (I didn’t mind around 65 days of rain just for a change!) and a warm loving sea would be nice. My Dad believed we are born in a particular country for a good reason and so why leave? He also believed in following the heart. My heart told me very clearly that I love to be by the warm sea! My mum just smiled and said “Ooo, you should get married after you finish university just like everyone else! Forget about being a globetrotter!” My answer was “Watch me!” My family was actually reminding me of my physical reality in those days; I didn’t have anything obvious to make my dream come true as I was still a student without a steady job and Latvia was not even a member of the European Union at that time. The only thing I possessed was a powerful energy within which urged me to transform my life! So I started to work towards my dream every day. I worked on my body and mind at the same time; I practiced yoga asanas to unlock my energy while simultaneosly reprogramming my mind to believe in myself! I breathed my dream constantly! 3 weeks later, after I had graduated from university, I was waiting at an airport, ready to catch a plane to sunny Portugal! Everything I needed for travel came from the office of Heaven at the last minute! Miracles do exist then! We didn’t come here just to pay our bills; we came here to expand and live fully! What have you done today to come closer to your dream? You can do it, Sweetheart!

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